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-Laser Hair Removal

-Cellulite Removal Massage

-Butt Lifting Massage

-BDR Massage

Jenn and Ryan Brown have been a couple since 1998. Jenn has a Spa Diploma from Blanche MacDonalds. Ryan has been a Muscle Flushing Therapist since 1999. After hundreds of clients and years and years of combined experience, Jenn and Ryan have created their own Copyrighted Massage Techniques. BDR massage therapy stands of Breast Density Reduction. When the breasts are less dense and circulating properly clients have experience fuller, lifted, size differences like going from A cup to B cup.

Guarunteed results.

Many Females thinking about getting breast enlargements are trying BDR massage first.

Its more important than ever for Females to be aware of Breast Density and how the greater dense the Breast is the more chances of Breast Cancer. Just in Canada alone 1 in 9 Women are getting Breast Cancer. Cancer.ca.

Jenn and Ryan are Very passionate about Cancer awareness. In 2009 Jenn helped Ryan cycle across Canada for Cancer Awareness. Ryan has had hundreds of interviews across the Nation trying to spread Cancer awareness.

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